Why Axeme, expertise in health industry recruiting

medical-device A partnership within the Medical Device field, unique in Europe

In France and in Europe, our missions with SMEs and international groups lead us to work with the best possible Candidate profiles. Our recruitments are long-term because the Candidates we present have the potential to develop as the Company develops: adapted skills, always for the specific medical field, with excellent knowledge of Company eco-systems, whether it be in the domain of Capital Equipment, the decisional processes of health-care facilities, or the specific environment of the operating room.

An optimized recruitment for technical, broad functions

Human resources officer select employee or team leader (CEO). Individual customer marketing and personalization concept.Each year, an assessment highlights HR placements in sales and coordinating positions, with emphasis on nursing backgrounds and Medical Device marketing. Technical support, Customer Service and Maintenance positions are equally developing along with Training, Development and Application Positions. Med-tech and Biotech Companies continue to hire Executive positions, from middle to “C” level management.


Expertise in Health Industry Executive Recruitment

Health, personal care, and medical research remain sectors that are actively hiring. In view of aging populations, medical progress, increasing chronical illnesses and the success of prevention and screening programs, pharmacists, biologists or laboratory technicians are working with new and innovative technical platforms that require new needs in organization and management. We remain systematically in harmony with the strategy, the culture and the values of each of our Clients.

emploi-santePersonalized Advice from Experienced Consultants

Listening to and understanding the priorities of the current markets encourages us to keep open minds in order to be creative in our proposals. The flexibility and the agility we use in our responses keeps us from stopping at stereotypes. Our very human approach is based on open-minded reflexes. Ultimately, customized recruitment has been a success for us, and we pride ourselves at having built long-term relationships with our Clients and many of our Candidates.


A rapid and recognized methodology in health recruitment

Four tools make the difference in the comprehension of Medical Device Industry Human Resources and recruiting:

  • An excellent knowledge of the different health industries and the various professions that make it up
  • A specialized software that allows efficient management of a Candidate database, with continuous tracking throughout the entire recruiting process
  • A “direct approach” sourcing method
  • A response process that integrates the human dimension of each Candidate: proximity, specific research team for each recruitment, individual face-to-face interviews, follow-up monitoring…
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