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Assist medical device companies in developing and bringing products to market, accelerating time-to-market, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

With its large network of experts, MD101 provides mastery in a myriad of medical devices and is equipped to handle whatever challenge a manufacturer is facing, whether it is quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, reimbursement strategy, or international business development.







You are a manufacturer of medical devices (from startup to multinational), or simply wanting to launch your company with an innovative medical device,
the MedTech Experts meetings are designed for explicitly for you.
Come meet our experts face-to-face to discuss your issues.






Unique training course, put together according to your needs – whether face-to-face, by telephone or video-conference, or a mix of all three.


  • Preparing for an interview in English, creating a presentation, attending a Conference, launching an export market, etc.


Or longer term:


  • Improving your level of English in a professional field, in general, or any other specific area.

In English, please !


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