Good CV in Medical Device

Four questions for Christine Horvais, HR Consultant, about the “right” resume (CV) for Medical Device.
Christine’s job is to analyze, with great thoroughness and impartiality, while developing her network in the sector.

Are Candidates professionalizing their response?

Christine Horvais : Absolutely. Today, it is imperative to quickly spark the interest of the reader. The strong points of the Candidate must be obvious within one minute. The first minute is crucial and will make or break the invitation for an interview. The CV is more than just a “calling card”, it must inspire interest to go further.

How do you build a CV?

CH : A good CV is a sales pitch with a clear message that has four parts. 1) The objective. 2) The skills. 3) Experience with examples of accomplishments. 4) Initial Degrees and Continuing Education, which is so often forgotten.
It is no longer than a page or two, simple recto.

How can I get my CV to be selected?

CH :  Device know-how and your motivation to develop in this field must be evident. Promote the professional areas where you have strong skills and put forth the functions that attract you the most in the health field.

In the health field, how do you stand-out from the others?

CH : It’s very simple. Promote specific actions rather than words! Think about the financial side of your expertise. Space the text on your CV so that it’s light and lets the reader breath. Be articulate: a clear and concise message is well understood. You can use boldface type or underline the advantages of hiring you.

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