Eight façons de bien préparer son entretien de recrutement

recrutement-santeA Candidate’s attitude is crucial. Two minutes are sufficient to understand who someone is. The first impression is often the right one. So in the following points, here is what Axeme feels is the best method to find the ideal job in the Medical Device Field.

  1. Like a journalist, I ask myself the right questions. It’s the WWWWWH rule. Who, what, where, when, why, how. If you are capable of answering these questions, everything will go well.
  2. By preparing your answers, you will give more of yourself, you will go further and more profoundly in your search for who you are.
  3. Numbers always help a person to understand better, especially one who knows less than you do in a particular area. There is nothing better than bringing tangible evidence to an argument.
  4. Interest in a position and a Company can be gauged by the search for information. Proceed by weighing the strong points and the weak points.
  5. Each CV should be personalized with respect to the job position. The general CV has little impact.
  6. Energy and enthusiasm can move mountains – the future Employer is sensitive to these qualities.
  7. The job Searcher has a tendency to focus on his/her daily routine, whereas it is sometimes sufficient to just promote one’s successes.
  8. What counts in the end: a positive attitude. The retained Candidate is often a winner in his or her own mind.

The ideal Candidate for tomorrow’s market, according to Axeme

recrutement-medical-device He is proud to share his intuition. She mobilizes her co-workers through confidence. Deliberately using a collaborative mode of action, he is proactive and his reasoning is systematic. Her experience is enrichened by a transversal approach to different professions.
He is constantly questioning himself, cultivating creativity and appreciating working daily with a diversity of talent around him. In the end, better than anyone, she knows how to question her certainties. He knows how to let go, experiment, to be driven by his energy and emotions for more effective actions. Her zest for life and physical fitness allow her to be coherent in matching her values to those of her Company. His physical engineering make-up is fluid, facilitating action, while staying in tune with past achievements.

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