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Since 2004, Axeme has been the privileged partner for Companies looking for high quality personnel in the health industry. Christine Horvais, founder, has built a European network of Consultants who share the same values as Axeme. This network is comprised of people who have all led careers in Life Sciences, occupying positions with strategic and operational responsibilities in Europe.

In 2014, AXEME and DELTA France merged forces to offer extended services in recruiting and human resources throughout Europe. Both groups combined their expertise to offer a broad panel of services responding specifically to the field of intervention.

Specialist in direct approach health

Axeme works mainly with targeted direct approach methods because the best professionals are active in their specific field. They won’t leave their positions unless they are sought after. This method provides good targeting and enables better response to short deadlines. A headhunter does not only provide services for high level executive positions. In the medical industry field, selective research is as difficult for qualified lower level positions as it is for “C” level executives.  

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Recognized as an innovative enterprise, Axeme has been honored with the label  My Startup in Paris


Axeme has established a partnership with MD101and DM Experts, companies that are specialized in the Medical Device Consulting field. The objective is to guide and assist enterprises in Med-tech and Biotech that are working on projects such as registering products in new countries, searching for Distributors, carrying out a clinical study, implementing a quality system or recruiting new talent, to name a few.
All three companies collaborate to offer individualized solutions to medical device manufacturers that need assistance with specific issues.
Along with the full-service package, Axeme, DM Experts and MD101 have created a new event for Medical Device Companies: « The Rendez-vous For MedTech Experts ».
Each year, several events are organized in different European cities.

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